Classic Massages

Essential massage – Head, Neck & Shoulder

Targeted treatment for head, neck and shoulder for those needing a specific focus on the upper back area

Classic Me – Aromatherapy Swedish Massage

This ultimate relaxing massage uses long, soothing strokes to induce relief from stress and tension while stimulating blood circulation

Ancient Asia – Thai Massage

This traditional Thai Massage blends a strong and invigorating massage, using deep finger pressure points, with passive body stretching to alleviate muscle fatigue and tension

Mother’s Dream – Pregnancy Massage

Swedish based massage, these amazing and soft movements transports you to a wonderful world of wellbeing

Volcanic Rock – Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses a combination of heated stones and massage techniques to relax tense muscles, relieve pain and stiffness, and improve circulation

Zone Therapy – Reflexology

After cleansing the feet with a refreshing salt scrub, pressure is systematically applied to stimulate the nerve reflexes in the feet